terça-feira, 12 de Novembro de 2013

T.A.S 12.4.3 LTS

Update TAS iso:

Kernel - for better compatibility with ATI Drivers.

Xubuntu Voyager base , remastered.

Maintain all repositories of old release.

12.4.3 LTS.

Only update and change Plymouth and add some wallpapers.

Download here ->
md5sum  857e1748be4033b8d9282bd98b98867b  Taslinux.iso
Lang - Portuguese by default.

How to use the files you down?

If you use jdownloader simply put the link on the download manager and he can joining files to make the ISO after download all files.

If you download the files manually you need use HJSplit or LxSplit to joining files manually example comand of lxsplit->

$ lxsplit -j /home/user/downfolder/Taslinux.iso.001

After joining all files you have the ISO.

So easy, all you need now is use Unetbootin to make you Pen bootable and install T.A.S 12.4.3.

Have a nice Linux World!