sexta-feira, 3 de Maio de 2013

T.A.S Linux.

T.A.S Linux, is a remastered Version of  Debian / Ubuntu.

There are extra repositories on this custom work, like Backbox ppa, so T.A.S is used for Pentest if the user want.

The system uses, Xfce environment and is very customized in the appearance and default apps.

General requirements -
12.04 LTS
32 Bits
Kernel Generic - Ubuntu 3-2-0-38 - For better performance with ATI/NVIDIA

Minimum of 10 GB of free disk space.

Can work in live-mode.
Tint Panel
Dark Style Xfce distro, based on XUbuntu with a good lot of custom scripts.

Description on :
T.A.S is a personal project that i have, is a remaster of Xubuntu Voyager. The distro can be use for general use or for some pentest actions. I remastered the xubuntu with a dark appearance themes, iicons, wallpas so some people like this environments probably like this. T.A.S is also located on region of Northeast Portugal - Chaves - the objective of Distro is also promote and cooperate in divulgation of Linux on the region.
I dont have the oportunity to upload the ISO to sourceforge because the ISO is more extend. than 1gb and my connection is via wireless, so the up crashes allways, then after you down the ISO by my google-drive acc. you need join the files by lxsplit for example - $lxsplit -j /home/downloads/TAS.iso.001.

The Distribution don't have a hosting so I upload the ISO to Google-Drive service.
You need join the files to obtain the final ISO with hjsplit or better lxsplit command line with 
lxsplit -j /home/downloads/TAS.iso.001.


7dc96f223eaecc493d0ef08b8a5ddce3 Tashack.iso

Speciall tools, conky-control, A-Desk animator, xdiskusage, TVenLinux, Ranger, Mocp, Terminal custom appearance, Tilda, FocusWriter, Gconjugue, cmatrix, extra scripts and ppa's, integrate by default with mesa-utils to increase the stability of ATI Graphics ...

TAS, project is used and promoted in some meetings of hacking in India and in other countries, the project love the freedom Spirit of Linux and Hacking minds.

Some of the partners, contributors to this project -

IB-H Iberica Hack, informal hacking group.

eMix -  (upload ISO) . (Sp)
S. Radivojevic -  Promote. (PL)
Detra*vor - Promote, use. (SP)
Shiba87 - Debian Developer & Adviser. (SP)
João Filipe Teixeira aKa Portaro - Author. (PT)

Other sites:
TuxÉticos Argentina
Brazilian community of Linux.

Labels / Awards -
2013 - India,  Indian Hack conf. - Warzone,  T.A.S VS Matriux.


Contact - Portaro

Some screens of custom appearance.

T.A.S is a project based on Xubuntu - Voyager 12.04, remastered with remastersys.